Positioning files on the desktop

Is there a way to have KM position files (their icons) at specific places on the desktop? Thanks!

Hey Bob,

Not directly, but Keyboard Maestro can run AppleScript which can.

Close all windows in the Finder and select one or more items.

Then run this script from the Applescript Editor:

tell application "Finder"
  set fileNameList to {}
  set desktopPositionList to {}
  set theSelection to selection as alias list
  repeat with i in theSelection
    set end of fileNameList to name of i
    tell desktop
      set end of desktopPositionList to desktop position of i
    end tell
  end repeat
end tell

{theSelection, fileNameList, desktopPositionList}

In the result panel it will show you the file alias, name, and desktop position in three lists.

If you don’t grok AppleScript this won’t mean a lot to you, but it does demonstrate how to get the relevant properties of desktop items.

It’s possible to save and restore these or change the position of any given item.

Best Regards,

Hi, Chris . . . Thank you for this. I do have AppleScript, and actually, I’m in the process of converting some scripts over to KM, but I guess this is one I’ll have to make/keep. I haven’t tried it yet, but I see how it would. Thanks again.