Possible bug: Macros still trigger after Global Macro Group is disabled

I've just started syncing my KM library across machines, and as expected, I've encountered a number of conflicts in the Global Macro Group. So, on Mac 2, I decided to disable the Global Macro Group and create a Global Macro Group 2 containing all of the macros that do NOT conflict.

Although the enable/disable button for the Global Macro Group doesn't work, you can still select the group, then select "Disable Macro Group" in the View menu. Upon doing so, the Global Macro Group is greyed out in the Groups list, and the command "Disable Macro Group" in the menu changes to "Enable Macro Group." So far, so good...

However, despite the appearance that the group has been disabled, the macros contained within the disabled Global Macro Group continue to execute via their corresponding triggers. Even though the group is disabled, the only way I'm able to stop the enclosed macros from triggering is to disable those macros on an individual basis.

If a group is disabled, the macros it contains should also be disabled, right? So, this is a bug? :slight_smile:

Correct, it is a bug, that the menu is enabled, and a bug that it appears to disable it.

You cannot rename or disable the Global Macro Group.

If you want to be able to disable or change the activation of the group, make a new macro group called Mostly Global Macro Group or whatever you want and move your macros there.

Thank you.