Possible to launch a macro from the Mac dock?

Every day I scan a lot of websites, so I made a macro that opens a browser with all my websites already loaded in different browser-tabs. The macro is triggered by the keyboard-shortcut .

Is there a way to trigger this macro or keyboard-shortcut as a dock-app on a Mac?

(because I have a lot of variations with different keyboard-shortcuts (hard to remember) I want to start a couple of them from the dock)


You can do it with AppleScript :

  1. At the top of your macro, click on “Or by script” and select “Or by AppleScript”.
  2. Copy the script that KM provides (you can then select “Or by script” again to close that box).
  3. Launch AppleScript Editor.app and create a new document if necessary.
  4. Paste what you copied from KM.
  5. Type Cmd-S and select “Application” in the File Format popup menu.
  6. Save the application where you want.
  7. Locate in a Finder window the application you just created, and drop it into the Dock.



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Alternatively, you can use the Macro Palette trigger or the Status Menu trigger if you want a way to trigger these things that is not a hot key. For this sort of thing (open a bunch of web sites in tabs), I would use the Status Menu trigger - it feels like a menu command to me.

Thank you so much guys!
This works great!
Have a great weekend.