Possible to remap right to command-down in finder?

Im trying to remap left to command-up and right to command-down. is this possible?

I have this macro so far

which dosent seem to work

what am i doing wrong?



That macro looks ok to cause ⌘Down Arrow when you press Right Arrow.

I really would not recommend this, remapping the meaning of the Right Arrow sounds like a bad idea, but the macro should work.

Keyboard Maestro is generally not a good tool for remapping keystrokes, but the macro in this case should work.


ok in that case i wont try to do so :slight_smile:

anyone knows of a safer way to navigate between directories in finder using the left/right key to traverse directories (move left/right between levels)



Hey Z,

Are you using Column View in the Finder?

And what exactly are you trying to do?


hi @ccstone

thx for taking the time to respond!

well in some of my nix file mangers there is an option to press right to enter a directory and press left to leave the directory to go back to the upper level. its usually called traversing directories. is there anything like that in finder?
hope i made sense this time :smiley:


Hey Z,

This is dependent upon what view you're using in the Finder, but generally:

Up a directory:

Descend into the selected directory:




thx again

yeah i found out about the and and thus posted the 1st post on this thread to rebind them to left/right.
But as i understood from @peternlewis thats not a great idea. thought maybe there were other ways to achieve this



Hey Z,

It's generally a bad idea to bind normal keystrokes to some other action, because you have only so much control over the context in which they're used.

Eventually your bindings will get in the way of normal actions and bite...

When I using single-key-bindings I always set them up in a palette that can be toggled on/off.


So I always have a visual cue that the UI is different when the palette is active. (The bindings are ONLY available when the palette is visible.)

I tried your original key-bindings, and they work fine on my macOS Sierra 10.12.6 system – but I agree with Peter that this is not a great idea.

You can use AppleScript to change the target of the front window, but once again the left/right arrow trigger keys are likely to cause you problems at some point.

Since there are existing keyboard shortcut for what you want to do I would recommend that you commit them to your muscle-memory and use them.

If you must use the arrow keys then perhaps and or and would do.

Option-Arrow will interfere with editing text in the FInder, but Control-Arrow is pretty clean in that context.


thx again!

appreciate your excellent advice