Possible to set action parameters automatically?


I use some KM actions daily and often I set the same variables in the actions and I wonder if they can be set globally or somehow pre-populate the values so I do not have to set them each time.

Example, for the 'Pause Until' actions, I almost always set the value for 'Pause until' to 'Found image condition'> 'The screen'> 'Contains'> 'Image' so that when the image on a web page is present, the macro can proceed (instead of waiting for chrome to finish loading).

Another use case would be the 'Move or click mouse' action. When I add that action I would like it to come up with 'relative to'> 'Found image's center' instead of coordinates.

Basically I want to be able to set action variables globally for all the actions I use repeatedly the same way.

Can this be done? Can I somehow save an action in a state that I prefer and have it always populate that way?

Thanks, KM Team!

I’m not sure I fully understand, but MACRO: [KMFAM] Favorite Actions and Macros allows you to set up your actions the way you want them and then use them repeatedly. Worth looking at I think!


This is one way....
Setup an intialisation macro that is triggered
a: at login, b:at engine launch and possibly c: via status menu for testing
Within this macro

Decide on the names of your global variables e.g. LH_Def_Image_Height
Assign your default values to your global variables

Load any named clipboard images with your default images from files on your mac
Use these global variables as default values in your actions

so these will be reassigned every time you login or restart.
Values can be inspected and changed via KM Preferences

Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

@Ihventura_Hutch, KMFAM is definitely the way to address your needs. I have used it daily since @DanThomas published it, and it has saved me at least hundreds of hours, and greatly improved my consistency.