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After Elon instituted egregious fees for interacting with the once-free Twitter API, I decided to abandon it to post via their native app. I have a unique use case in that I live-post stats during baseball games. During the game I can issue hundreds of posts. It's easiest for me to do this from my editor, Sublime Text.

With a KM macro, I…

  1. Copy the current line of text from the editor
  2. Perform a few filters to keep things formatted correctly
  3. Start a new post in the Twitter app
  4. Copy the filtered text into new post
  5. Send it

For the most part, this works great. The occasional issue I'm having that the 4th step, the copy, doesn't always work. The new post is created, but it remains blank, and the macro continues along. I've experimented with various timer settings, but I can't seem to find a sweet spot.

This got me thinking that perhaps I was doing something wrong. I'd appreciate any thoughts on making this solution more robust.

-- Robert

Post To Social (with posting_tool).kmmacros (29 KB)

What makes the timer setting critical?

That would be still bothering with 'X'. Without paying for promotion, are you confident that your posts are being seen? Other social media platforms/protocols (most admittedly less "popular" than 'X', but at least viewable on the open Web!) offer a freely available and well documented API.[1] I don't mean to take the thread off-topic; I just think it's worth bearing in mind that the many difficulties interacting with 'X' are largely by design and that they will not cease.

  1. examples: Creating a post on Twitter offshoot Bluesky: how to Post a Status Update... on Mastodon. ↩︎

I'm doing what I can to migrate away from the cesspool, @kevinb, supporting other social media outlets, for example, but the sad reality is that my follower base, which includes thousands of fans, media, and even MLB players, aren't likely to leave Twitter any time soon.

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It's great that you have such an audience, there or anywhere. My point was not about supporting other platforms but concern that "X" might be burying your posts under "For You" or whatever. However, since you have that many followers, I can understand your continued battle to force functionality out of "X" (I can't bring myself to type it without the quotation marks!).