Press and hold trigger (with midi note trigger)

Hi fellow Keyboard Maestro users!

I’m looking for a way to trigger two different macros via the MIDI note trigger with a sort of ‘press and hold for 3 seconds’ trigger that executes either macro 1 or macro 2 depending on how long the MIDI note is pressed before releasing it again.

Does somebody know how to do this?


  • If the MIDI note is pressed and released within 3 seconds it should trigger 'macro 1’
  • If the MIDI note is not released within 3 seconds (so still pressed after 3 seconds) then it should trigger 'macro 2’

Thanks a lot, greetings from The Netherlands.

Take a look a the technique used in this macro:
MACRO: Trigger Option Using Long Press of HotKey [Example]

I think it does what you are asking for, but you may need to adjust the timing to suit your needs.