Pressing Enter to Run a Macro Will Trigger the "Save" Button

So I have a shortcut that shows me a list of macros, the Trigger Macro by Name action.
Now when I'm saving a file using Logic and I'm at that window where I pick the name for the file and all that, the "Save" window, if I hit that shortcut to show me the list and I highlight the macro I want to run (which in this case is for it to paste a certain path), once I hit Enter to accept that macro and run it, Logic accepts that as my clicking the "Save" button, as if the KM window is not even there. Hope it makes sense what I'm trying to explain...?

Is there a way to fix this other than me double clicking the macro to run it, instead of hitting Enter?

The Return or Enter key should be being swallowed.

I tried this in Mail for example (where Enter behaves like Return) and the Enter is swallowed.

So I'm afraid I don't know how Logic is even seeing the key press. Sorry.