Prevent Application Specific Macro Group pop-ups to open with application


I'm new in the forum. I've been using Keyboard Maestro for a long time now to automate my workflow in music production and sound design.

One thing I've recently started to create are application specific macro groups as application specific pop-ups. These work great, BUT, one annoying thing is that whenever I start an application, it will open all those pop-ups every time I start the software. So I'd manually have to close all the pop-ups.

So the questions it: Is there any way of preventing Keyboard Maestro for automatically open all these pop-ups when starting an application?

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How is your macro group configured?

If it is configured using “Show a palette until”, then the macro group will show the palette as soon as it activated.

If it is configured using “Show/hides a palette when”, then the macro group will only show the palette after it is actively activated by your hot key (or whatever your settings for the macro group are).

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@snattack, Andreas, welcome! You've found a great community with lots of knowledgeable and friendly people.

As Peter said, it's all about the macro group configuration. I've attached a screenshot of one of my macro groups that I have configured in a similar way to what he explained so you can get a visual reference.

Obviously you could set your hotkey to whatever you want it to be.



This is how I have one of my Final Cut palettes set up:

When I press F1:

  • If the palette isn't showing, it gets shown.
  • If the palette is showing, it gets gidden.

The next time I start FCPX, the palette will either show or not, depending on what state it was in when I last closed FCPX.

If I wanted to have it always be "not shown" when I started FCPX, I'd use something like this:

This macro needs to be in a group that does not require the application to be running.

And obviously, you can add other palettes to the above code, if you have more than one.

Let me know if you have questions.