Print PDFs from Mojave Mail

I asked this already over on the Tidbits mailing list and they suggested I try here to see if KM can do this for me.

I have a folder in Mail (Mojave) with about 1300 emails in it. I want to print each of these to an individual pdf file with the subject of the email being the name of the pdf file. Normally one would select a message in Mail and print to pdf…but doing this 1300 times would take forever so I am looking for a way to automate this.

I tried selecting all of the emails and doing a print to pdf…but this just produces a single pdf with 1300+ pages in it and not individual pdf files. They’re also not saved with each mail starting on a new page in the pdf so just pulling them out of the large pdf with Preview won’t work.

I tried Mail Steward…which works but again requires an individual print dialog box to save each email…so no time saved there.

Took a look at both Automator and Script Editor and neither will do the job.

Asked on Tidbits who sent me here for possible help.

I own KM v6.4.1 but do not use it…it never made sense to my workflow even though I tried…but since I have it already perhaps there is a solution.

Can KM 6.4.1 do this for me without needing to go through 1300 dialog boxes?


AFAIK, KM can not do this with any of its native non-scripting Actions. I suspect you will need AppleScript and/or Shell Scripts to achieve your objective.

Unfortunately I don't know of any script that will do this. You might review the articles found by this Google Search.

I've done a bit of research and I don't see any way to avoid going through a dialog box for each message. However, this can be automated so that no user action is required. If that is acceptable, let us know and we can provide more details.

The answer is still no, but this technique and script highly automate processing of the Print-to-PDF dialog. Take a look and see if it will work for you.

OK, here's a third-party tool that might be able to do the job:
How to Export Emails from Apple Mail to PDF -- Full Guide for Beginners

This is NOT a recommendation -- it is just a link I found from searching. I've never used this tool.

Turns out that Mail Archiver X did the job perfectly...and with the trial version I didn’t even need to buy the app. If I ever do decide to archive all my email out of the Mail app...they will get a purchase from me as it just worked.


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