Problem Activating kitty Using an Activate a Specific Application Action

I've been using a shortcut to get to my terminal.

Now I've switched the terminal emulator from the default macOS to kitty, so I changed the application within the macro – nothing else.


  1. Upon pressing the shortcut the icon jumps up in the dock but does not open the app ( the little black dot is not appearing)

  2. The Keyboard Maestro wheel is turning for ages, but in the end the app is not being launched.

Why is that?


I still don't know why it's not working but i found a way around via executing a shell script, namely:

/Applications/ -1



Hey @tj_allemaal,

The author of kitty has probably left out a bit of kit.

The outer application is just a wrapper and isn't properly launching the inner application resource when called via the methods Keyboard Maestro uses (which are standard system calls).

You're on the right track with your shell script, but it's more versatile to use the bundle-id instead of a hard-coded path.

Activate Terminal app kitty v1.00.kmmacros (5.3 KB)
Keyboard Maestro Export