Problem Bringing a Finder Window to the Front When It’s Tabbed


After upgrading to Big Sur my most used PrefPane no longer worked. I used it to bring an oft-used Finder window to the front with a system-wide keyboard shortcut: ⌥-W. Let’s call it “Window A.”

Window A is one of three tabs I keep in a single Finder window. With the old PrefPane, even if I had that three-tab window already in front with one of the other two tabs active, say, Window B or C, ⌥-W would switch to Window A, which is exactly what I wanted it to do. ⌥-W also would unminimize my three-tab window with Window A selected.

With KM I can bring the three-tab window to the front, system-wide, and unminimize it too, with ⌥-W, but if Window B or C is the active tab it will not switch to Window A with the shortcut.

How can I replicate the functionality I seek?


Hey @Tranquillado,

The appended macro should work for you. (Tested through Big Sur.)

Please tell us what pref-pane you're talking about above.


Open Specifed Folder OR Bring Window to Front if Open v1.00.kmmacros (6.2 KB)



Wow! Perfect! Scripting, even at such a “rudimentary” level, will forever be beyond me. Thanks a million.

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