Problem running shell scripts

I have a problem executing a shell script.

Below is a screenshot (Point 1 is working, Point 2 is not working as a text shell, and also as a file).

But when I run this script (2) in the terminal, it works well. What is wrong?

First, have you read the KM wiki page about executing shell scripts here action:Execute a Shell Script [Keyboard Maestro Wiki] ?

If you have then you’ll know that KM executes scripts in a non-interactive shell whose default path is very different to the one you’ll encounter in Terminal.

Next, there are loads of pitfalls when executing shell scripts in KM which even a cursory search of the forum readily reveals. Consequently it is impossible to say for sure what your problem might be without actually having a copy of the macro (not just a screen grab) you are having issues with.

Anyway, my guess would be a problem with the path.

It would be worth a few minutes of your time to review these:

Since I’m not at my Mac I can’t offer much further assistance, but hopefully you can post your macro and someone else will jump in!

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for example you haven't provided the full path to the pandoc executable on your system.

See, among many other such posts:

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