Problem with Click Google Chrome Link

I am relatively new to KM. I am trying to automate saving information from an online database, which can be done with clicking two links on the page. I have set up the macro properly as far as I can tell, but when I activate the hot key nothing happens. Pertinent screenshot attached. I don't know enough about where to look to troubleshoot, so any help would be appreciated.

Hey Michael,

The usual

  • Put a beep in to know for certain that the macro ran.
  • Run the actions one at a time to see if they do anything. (Learn how to use the debugger.)
  • Make sure you use the popup menu to add the links.
  • Put a longer pause between the actions.
  • Try selecting a different app in the app-group and then re-select Chrome. (Sometimes Chrome can get disconnected due to the way it updates.)
  • Try to activate different links on that page.
  • Refresh the page.
  • Restart Chrome.

Difficult to speculate more without being able to test, and I believe that DB is behind a paywall.

Best Regards,