Problem with getting "hotkey" style response using Interface Control > Type modifiers/keystrokes

Hi everyone, new user here, and so far I'm impressed!

However I am having an issue with getting modifier keys to work in conjunction with other keys, like a traditional hotkey.
I have attached a sample image detailing the problem; it seems that "press and hold" modifier key commands used in conjunction with "type a keystroke" commands don't seem to generate an amalgamation of the two (e.g. in the image supplied): press and hold command command followed by type a keystroke (2) doesn't seem to generate command + 2 in unison like a hotkey, which is what I am after!

In the scenario detailed by the attached image what ends up happening is the document shown opens (first action), then nothing else- instead I am treated to the "bump" sound letting me know that something isn't working... where am I going wrong here?
Thanks for the support!

To simulate hotkeys like this, you want to use the "Type a Keystroke" action with the modifiers applied. So to have your macro first simulate 2 followed by P, you'd only need two actions:

But if your goal is to select commands from an app's menu (printing a PDF from in this case), I would use the "Select or Show a Menu Item" action instead, and forego the "Single Page" view altogether, since that doesn't have any effect on how the PDF is printed:

For best results, I'd also want to make sure the macro waited until the file you wanted to print was at the front, as otherwise it could fail upon trying to run the Print command: