Problem with macro icons in version 9.1

After updating to version 9.1 I am no longer able to put icons from images in macros. On both Sierra and Catalina.


I have the same problems under macOS Catalina and macOS Big Sur @peternlewis

It is no longer possible to insert external image files, whether using Darg & Drop or Copy & Paste.
Copy & Paste is possible for images already contained in the editor.


Ah yes. Just tried and same for me. I can copy and paste existing icons within Keyboard Maestro but not copy and paste or drag any new icons in. (Using KM 9.1 in Bug Sur.)

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Using 10.11.6 (El Capitan), copy/pasting an image (a png and a jpg) from Preview to be a macro icon worked but drag and drop from the Finder did not.

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Ok, it works in Sierra too.

On both Catalina and Big Sur, I can screen capture an area and then paste it in without issues.

So perhaps it depends on the image you are copying.

Yes, drag & drop is no longer supported (at least at this time).

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I am able to copy and image (like in a web browser), and then paste into the Macro icon image well. Running Keyboard Maestro 9.1 on macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave).

Hi all

Can someone explain how to actually use the copy/paste method to change a macro icon? I can't seem to understand how to do so from finder. the only thing that seems to work is copy/paste from a webpage..I assumed we can also copy paste from a local image right?



Yes, I've just double-checked and pasting from the clipboard does work and as @peternlewis says, drag and drop no longer works. Hopefully drag and drop will be re-enabled at some point as drag and drop was the way I was doing it.

Before I could just drag a .png file from the Finder into the Macro's Image Well. Now the .png has to be opened (for example in Preview) and then ⌘A to select all of it, then ⌘C to copy it, before ⌘V to paste into the Image Well of the Macro.

Actually, just thinking it would be pretty simple to make a Keyboard Maestro Macro to automate these steps... :slight_smile:

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As in my previous post but in exact steps:
Open the image file in Preview
⌘A to select all of it
⌘C to copy it
Click on the current Icon of the Macro you want to change
⌘V to paste in the new Icon

Before, the .png could be dragged from the Finder directly into the Macro but as of now this is not working.


When I copy an image in my web browser I can copy and paste it. When I copy and paste the same image on the desktop, this happens:

Why so cumbersome @peternlewis? It worked wonderfully in the previous KM version.