Problem with the "Hide All Applications" action

I'm using "Hide All Applications" to clear the deck before I set up for a new context.

Sometimes when Safari is open and gets "hidden" by this action, the window that gets hidden goes into a Zombie state.

It's in the menu bar, but the image of it there is transparent. When I hover over it I see the page title, but there's no image of it there. When I click on it to activate it nothing appears to happen, but if I try to click on what's on the screen nothing responds -- it's as if there's a transparent Safari window over the screen!

When I quit Safari the Zombie goes with it.

It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it's annoying!

Any ideas?

Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you with us.

This is an odd problem that I haven’t seen myself, so I’m not sure how to suggest a solution. One question, you wrote:

It's in the menu bar, but the image of it there is transparent.

I'm not sure what image you mean… Safari doesn't usually appear as an image in the menu bar… did you mean the Dock?

When you click on the Safari icon in the Dock, does that help?

If you click on the Safari icon in the Dock, does Safari's menu bar menus show up at the top left? If so, what happens when you go to the "Window" menu and select the window that you are trying to use?

Last question / idea: Since there has to be some active application, try this as your "Hide All Applications" action:

  1. Activate Finder
  2. Command+Option+H to hide all other apps
  3. Command+Option+W to close all Finder windows

See if that achieves what you want. If so, see if Safari still exhibits the strange behavior you have seen.


Thanks for the welcome, I've been lurking for a while but I'm digging in deeper now!

Yes, I meant the DOCK.

Some more clues. I seems to happen when I hide all, then open a new safari window. Clicking on Safari only brings up the the newly opened Safari window, but the zombie window will still sit on top of it.

If I look under the window menu for safari only the newly opened window shows up, the zombie is not there.

It's like this window is partially there and partially gone.

I'll try your alternate and report back...

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So I implemented TJ's suggestion of using CMD+Opt+H and I'm still seeing the issue, though now it's occurring with other apps too.

Here's an example where Slack is invisible! (I can tell it's there because when I hover over it the popup text appears. But when I click on it nothing changes on the desktop!

2021-05-04 at 10.33 AM

Any other ideas?