Prompt For Snippet Action's Result Button

The wiki page for the Prompt For Snippet Action says:

The %PromptButton% token is set to the name of the button pressed, and can be used in actions later in this instance like any other text token.

Is there a case where the name of the button can be something other than OK using this action? For example, can you control the name of the button, add additional buttons, or identity the button as belonging to a specific Prompt For Snippet Action?

I realize the %PromptButton% token can be used in this way with other actions and I don't have any need at the moment. Just getting to know the new feature.

If you look at the very bottom of this image, you will see that the contents of the variable contain the word "Cancel", not "OK", after running this macro and pressing "Cancel." So yes, it can contain anything.

But notice that I unchecked the Cancel button in the first action, because when it comes to the Cancel button, which normally has the button checked, the action actually terminates the macro rather than setting the token to the button name. For any other button, you don't have to take that step.

Right. Thanks for the reply, but I was asking about to the Prompt For Snippet Action.

I'm sorry. I was wrong. I'll reconsider.

From reading the help page for the %Ask% token, it doesn't appear that the token supports buttons. But I infer that this token could be upgraded in the future to support some buttons, perhaps inline buttons or perhaps extra buttons on the bottom.

With the Prompt for Snippet Action, seems to me the %PromptButton% will return either Cancel or OK based on which of the two (and only two) buttons is selected.

You are probably right.