Prompt for User Input issue

I have a Prompt for User Input with one variable set up (with a '1|0"). The issue is that:

  1. on one computer when the macro contain the Prompt for User Input window appears, the box for the variable is highlighted (a blue ring around the box) and can be selected (on or off) with the keyboard (a MacBook Air);
  2. on another computer, the box is not highlighted, and I need to use the mouse (a MacBox Pro).

This issue is consistent. Both operate on each machine consistently in this way.

Both computers are using exactly the same macro, running the same version of OS X (10.11.3 now 10.11.4) and the same version of KeyBoard Maestro (7.0.3).

The complete macro is also attached. Any help would be gratefully received.

1. Save File and Close File.kmmacros (11.3 KB)

Just a guess, but there is a setting in System Preferences > Keyboard to allow tabbing to objects other than text boxes. Perhaps this setting is different on the two Macs:

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It was that. A some point, this setting must have been changed.

Thank you very much.