Prompt for User Input - No Response [Resolved]

I have a handy KM macro right now that starts at 5:15AM each weekday to open up 6 tabs in my browser and 3 apps. It also does a few other efficient startup tasks. Everything works great. The macro starts with a Prompt for User Input trigger because sometimes I wake up even earlier for overseas calls, and I've already triggered this startup process with a hotkey.

I want to go one step further. I've now got an iOS shortcut that I tap to unlock and wake my Mac when I first wake up.

I'd like the "Prompt for User Input" step in the KM macro to automatically continue the macro if I don't respond within a minute of the dialog box coming up. Obviously if I'm already at the Mac I can just tap Ok to continue it. But in this case I'm away from the Mac, so how would I update this macro so it waits for my response and, if it gets NO response to cancel it, it just continues through the macro?

I figured it out: it's the Action Timeout setting.

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