Prompt Input with filtered file selection

In .NET and some other programming languages as well there is a built in feature for prompt dialog boxes that allows you to set what type of files are shown for the user to select from. It is basically a filter setting to limit the file selection to only specified file types.

Does Keyboard Maestro have a similar capability for the "Prompt for File" action?
If not, is there any workaround?

Yes, you can specify the allowed file types (all the rest will be greyed out when the dialog pops up).

To do that, list the extensions of file types you want to allow separated by a comma. i.e. jpg,psd,mov


Duh... I'm a clutz. Thanks

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Hi @mivey4. Not that you asked, but for the possible benefit of someone else that might find this thread, this filtering can also be done with AppleScript and JXA: Mac Automation Scripting Guide: Prompting for Files or Folders