Prompt user with list from variable, give opportunity to modify before use

I have an application that allows boolean searches but doesn't create a record of the query history. I
m working on a macro that will solve this. So far I've been able to get all the search queries in a variable and reuse them. Now I'd like to be able to prompt the user for changes to a previous query selected from a list, before the search query variable is used by the application.

For example, the user might be prompted with red NOT blue and not finding what they were looking for and wants to change the prompt to red AND blue before the application uses the variable. I'd like to store the new query in the list of queries.

@JMichaelTX has this:

Which might go some way to helping you. I used @JMichaelTX's macro just the other day to make a dynamically updating macro for tagging files from a list that I could keep adding to from within the macro.

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