Question about "Select or Show a Menu Item"

There's an aspect of "Select or Show a Menu Item," that I find confusing:

First, there's "Select menu in," where you select the app whose menu is to be accessed. Then, there's "Menu," where you choose the specific menu.

Here's what I don't understand:

Once we've selected a specific app, why does "Menu" still show all running apps, instead of just the menus for the previously specified app? Each time I use this action, I'm thrown by this, and I experience cognitive dissonance. LOL. Put differently, we're effectively specifying the application twice. :blush:

In the screenshot below, I've selected GraphicConverter 10. Then, after clicking on "Menu," instead of seeing just GraphicConverter 10's menus, there's a list of all running apps (and each of their menus), so I have to select the app yet again.

Is there a practical reason for this behavior? Perhaps there's an advantage that I haven't considered. If not, please consider this a request for displaying only the menus of the selected application. :blush:


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