Quotation Marks

If I understand correctly, we can do something like this:

  1. make trigger as typed string, as double-quote.
  2. uncheck "simulate 2 deletes..." as marked by the arrow below.
  3. simulate "left Arrow".
  4. I changed to wait for Ctrl rather than Return. Ctrl will cause less unexpected behavior than Return.

If you type just one instance of double-quote, this macro will not be triggered at all. If you type two double quotes, the macro will be triggered.

Okay, thanks. I see what I was doing wrong – having the macro wait for two presses of ' instead of remembering to hit the " twice before writing dialogue. The only other thing I added to mine was to type the space, since further text usually follows, even if just a return.

I only want to add that I've done this also with parentheses and square brackets [] and it's helpful.


Sorry for the confusion, moppo. I realised that my ‘solution’ also killed a singular shift+’, and therefore wasn’t workable.

Appreciate the attempt anyway. Thanks.