Recall Safari window that does NOT match or contain a specific name

Howdy folks. I am attempting something that I thought would be fairly simple but it has me stumped so far.

I recently made big changes to the apps I use for my workflow and now am needing to be able to recall any Safari window that does NOT contain or match a specific name (Voice Portal).

I used to have a Safari tab for my email constantly open that contained my email address in the window name. To search the web or open other websites I used an AppleScript to recall that email window/tab and then create a new tab and go from there. This insured that all my web browsing was done in the window where my email tab sat, and NOT my Safari work window that must remain by itself all the time. My work tab contains the name "Voice Portal", and I would like to find out a way to recall ANY tab or window that does NOT contain that name, that way I can modify my existing macros to open new tabs OUTSIDE of that window/tab.

If anybody can point me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate it. I hope everybody is staying safe out there!

Bump. Anybody have any ideas? :grin: