Recognize the red underlining in Grammarly


I've tried to have keyboard maestro recognize the red underlining in the text and place the mouse cursor on the underlined red word but the cursor seems to be stuck inside the red line no matter how much I offset the cursor. I've tried the "click on found image" and taking a screenshot of the red color but it seems that keyboard maestro treats the red underlining as a layer of some sorts?

Does anyone know how to fix this?

can you post macro and screenshot of macro.

Move or Click Mouse.kmactions (7.0 KB)

It's just a standard "found image macro". I got it to work somewhat by micro adjusting the "allowable amount of fuzziness" but the problem is now that after it finds the bottommost underlined word, I have another macro that makes a note next to it saying what the error was. After my macro has pasted the "check spelling on this word" text, that in itself becomes underlined and this macro jumps to that underline which I don't want. I just want it to continue upwards through the original found red underlined words until nothing is left.

can't find the macro for the life of me.
Can you put it inside a folder and also paste here the name you used for the folder

Hey @hello,

If you mean the link above, he has uploaded an action, not a macro. You have to create a new macro and then double-click the action, to insert it into the new macro.

If you already have double-clicked the action a few times while macros of yours were selected, then you might have injected it into some of your macros without knowing :wink:

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I clicked it and can't remember which macro I had open :scream:

Did you try going to your All Macros smart group and sorting by Date Modified? If that's not enough, you could further filter the list of possible macros where this action could be hiding by searching for "click" too.

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thanks! @gglick , found the macros (yes, plural) by searching for "click center something".
that'll teach me lol

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This happened to me too, some time ago. But I only realized it a few days later as my macros were doing things I never told themโ€ฆ

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So anyone else got any suggestion to make this happen? Basically a macro that goes from the bottom to the top of the text stopping when it sees the red underlining and then continues

without seeing the macro is hard to help.

you can:

or use the Repeat X times

as in:

  1. find underlined text
  2. pause it to let you add the note
  3. press a key to continue
  4. repeat

Thanks a bunch! It kinda works, but it still is jumping back and forth to the new underlines that comes from me adding the notes.
The ideal solution would be to have Alt+left arrow through the text starting from the end working its way up, and having the mouse cursor follow the text symbol. But after having done extensive research I assume its not possible to have the mouse cursor follow the text symbol right?