Relaunching KM, KME disables Logitech wireless mouse?

Is this is an issue that others have seen ?

If I restart KM / KME, for example with a JavaScript for Automation script like this:

['Keyboard Maestro', 'Keyboard Maestro Engine']
.forEach(function (x) {
    var app = Application(x);

    .forEach(function (k) {

I reproducibly find that the Logitech wireless mouse on my system loses its connection, and I have to:

  • pull out and replug the USB wireless dongle
  • switch the mouse off and on

I don't have any KM macros which reference the mouse, but I do have one which watches for a USB footpedal button, and I have noticed an association between tapping the footpedal and losing the mouse connection ...

Any thoughts ?

Ah … sometimes just writing up the problem leads to the solution:

It turns out that disabling the footpedal macro does indeed stop a KM/KME restart from ending the mouse connection …

( Not sure if this is what theory would predict ? Some kind of USB contention ?)

(PS The footpedal doesn’t need to be attached to the system for this macro to break the mouse connection at startup.)

I’m afraid I don’t have much of an answer for this. Maybe the Logitech driver is thinking it should have exclusive access but not actually asking for it. Pretty hard to say, and since I can’t duplicate it without the hardware, I’m not sure how I would be able to debug it to even find out if there is any way to alter the behaviour.

No problem – I see now that there is plenty of generally unresolved online puzzling about footpedals and Logitech mice.

Now that I can see where the clash turns up, I can just re-route the workflow a bit. Sorry to have bothered you with that !