Remote Triggering - Close Browser Page if Successful?

I use the remote triggering quite a bit.
Would it be possible for the number 1 that shows on the webpage when successfully completed be a bit larger font? it’s very small.
And, if possible, that if the trigger was successful that it closes the webpage?
That window stays open and if you refresh the page, of course the macro is triggered again. It would be nice for it to go away (close) once the macro has been triggered.

  • I know it’s small micro stuff, but wanted to throw it out there.

No. The response is plain text. The display is entirely up to the web browser.

The web access returns the number of Macs the server thinks are listening for that trigger as plain text. It has no control over what happens after that.

Why use a web browser at all? Use curl to trigger the https request (or some other method) if it is not a manual process and you don't want to see the result.

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