Removing shortcuts

Long ago I used a macro created by a user in order to remove the shortcuts for several macros and/or for macro groups, but I'm unable to find the topic in which it was shared.

I'm having some issues regarding this matter, because I didn't have a proper shortcut's policy years ago.

Any suggestion in order to remove them without using "brute force" (down arrow and click on remove shortcut in a loop) would be appreciated.


If you are wanting to remove all triggers (or hotkeys) for a selection of Macros, AFAIK that can only be done by script. If that is what you want, let us know, and I'll try to post a script sometime tomorrow.

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One of the macros included here lets you delete all triggers from selected macros: KM8: Copy, Paste, and Batch-Delete Triggers

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Hi @JMichaelTX,

I much appreciate your offering, but if there's no macro already created I'll try and do it myself or something simillar at least, but I feel really bad at asking you for it. Thank you very much anyway for your offer.

@gglick, maybe that's what I'm looking for, but I don't know if the KM8 requirement is gonna let me use it on KM9 or it's a restriction for previous versions. I'll try it anyway, thank you very much for your help.

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