Rename and Move Selected Files

Hello. I'm trying to create a macro that creates a new folder, moves selected photos to the folder, and renames those photos -- all based on input from the user about the preferred name for the photos. The macro will call a renaming service that will batch rename the selected files.

Everything works great up to the point where I have moved the files to the new folder and prior to calling the batch renaming service. At this point, I need KM to select all of the files in the newly created folder. However, I can't figure out how to do that. Is there a way to get KM to open and select all of the files at a particular folder path (e.g., %Variable%Parent%/%Variable%PhotoDate% %Variable%PhotoName%)?

Or perhaps there's an easier way to do this than what I'm pulling together? I'd like to use the renaming service rather than go through KM since the renaming service currently works great for me on a manual basis.

I have attached the macro so far -- from the start to the point where I call the batch renaming service via the simulated keystroke (^⌘R).

Thanks in advance!

Keyboard Maestro can reveal (select) a single file. But it cannot select a set of files.

You will need to use AppleScript for that.