Renaming issue

Hello and thanks for your help!

I'm trying to rename submixes that have NoSomething in their filenames and that look like "_TrackTitle_NoSomething", for example:

_Not Today_NoStrings.wav
_None of These_NoPerc.wav

But when I do so, it also renames other files that are not submixes because sometimes track titles have words starting with "No" like:

_Not Today.wav
_None of These.wav

How can I rename my files files properly? I need to keep the underscore before the filenames for other purposes. Is there a way to only rename files that have "_No" directly followed by a capital letter? That would do the trick!

If your "rule" is that simple then the regular expression _No[A-Z] should do the job -- literally "True if the string contains _No immediately followed by a capital letter" . Also worth noting that you don't need the extra "Set Variable" step -- you can construct the new name in the "Move" action's "to" field:



YES! This is exactly what I need! Thank you!