Reorder actions in a macro

I want to be able to reorder actions in a macro using keyboard shortcuts, specifically by moving a selected action up / down in the stack using Cmd-Ctrl-Up/Down (like in Omni apps). Any suggestions? Or is there some hidden key command I've not yet found?

(To my surprise, because I don't see it listed in the menubar, Cmd-Ctrl-Up/Down actually does move actions in KM, but it moves the selected action to the top/bottom of the stack.)

Thank you.

In addition to those try Ctrl-Up and Ctrl-Down: they’ll move actions up and down the stack one at a time. You should take a look at the release notes as there’s a lot more to discover!

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Huh, thanks tiffle. I tried all modifiers singly and in combination with the arrow keys. The problem was that Ctrl-Up and Down were being co-opted by Mission Control. Now that I've turned that off I see the behaviour. Easy to remap to my desired keys.

I do peruse the release notes, though I'm not sure how I would have found this particular tip. (Also let me note that "keyboard maestro keyboard shortcut move action" is nnnot a super useful thing to search on the wiki, for obvious reasons!)

Thanks again.

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