Repeat Action is super slow

I have used this action in several of my macros in the past but for some reason in a new one I am creating it works, but normally if I ask it to repeat an keystroke X number of times it does it super fast. For some reason in this macro, it is executing the keystroke, waiting 3 seconds, then another and so on. I am needing to move the cursor by using the TAB keystroke 22 times. This would normally happen in about 2-3 seconds, now it is taking about 60 seconds to complete this task which is obviously unacceptable. What am I missing? (screen shot and actual macro attached)

Many thanks,

goto (2.8 KB)

Nothing obvious. Does it happen for other macros? Does it happen for a new macro with similar actions? Do you use any "set delay" actions?

Just tested this macro in BBEdit and TextEdit, and it was near instantaneous << 1 sec


So maybe it is the web page or your Mac.
Have you tried the repeat action in another app, like BBEdit or TextEdit?