Repeat action > timed?

Right now, the Repeat action can only be used x times.

Would you consider a feature request that allows the Repeat action to be used "for [variable] minutes" or "until [clock time]"?

(I guess I could insert an If...Then action and program it to cancel the macro at a certain time, but I don't know how to do that.)

You can use an "Until" action with a condition that is always false. Then use the "gear" icon for the action, and change its timeout. You can also turn off having it abort the macro when it times out, and turn off notification.

If you want to check to see if it timed out afterwards (as opposed to the loop being exited via a "Break From Loop" action), you can check %ActionResult% to see if it contains "OK".


Like @DanThomas says, you can use a Until action. I have done this using this method:

  1. Set Local__TimeStart to NOW()
  2. Until Local__TimeElapsed > 10 (or however many seconds you want)
    2.1 Set Local__TimeElapsed to NOW() - Local__TimeStart
    2.2 -- whatever actions you want in the Until loop
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