Repeat action with variables

I'm a total beginner so forgive me. I’m trying to write a macro that will click the “Send” button in a web browser tab ‘x’ number of times, with ‘x’ entered previously via prompt. When I execute this macro, it only clicks “Send” once. Why? My other question is this: since this is a form, I've been trying the Submit Google Chrome Form action. But the popup to the right of the action field gives this (//DIV[@id="root"]/DIV/DIV[2]/DIV[1]/DIV[2]/DIV[1]/DIV[3]/FORM). When I execute this action, it just causes the page to reload in the tab!

It's a protected page, but I'm happy to post some of the code (instructions please!) if someone can help.

Hey Marc,

This probably executes too fast.

Try putting a long pause in there, and if that works whittle it down to the minimum.