Repeating scroll down doesn't work

Hi, I need your help.
I wanted to automate the process of scrolling to the bottom and inserting text because there's a long list in the application.
While exploring the scroll functionality, I found something called "simulate scroll wheel down," so I tried using it.
This function takes values in pixel units, and I couldn't input a value greater than 999, so I used 988 and repeated it twice.

Initially, when I started, the scrolling worked twice. However, when it's inside a repeating loop, instead of scrolling twice, it only scrolls once. What could be the issue in this situation?

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The easiest way to go to the bottom of a page is to simulate the End key.

Thank you. but, page down or end key doesn't work in the application. that's why I try to adopt scroll down function.

Which app is it?

Command + Down Arrow also does not work?

it's whatsapp that I want to automate the process.
page down or cmd+down arrow key doesn't work in chatroom list.
In chatroom list, only scroll down/up or ctl+shift+tap (previous chatroom) and ctl+tap (next chatroom) key work.
That's why I tried dealing with scroll down action.

I'm not sure what's going on with your setup, but this works in the Whatsapp desktop mac app for me:

As does this:

However, these only work if the message area has been clicked beforehand:

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Thank you so much for your help.
You're right, Repeating scroll down is working.
I just found my fault in next step "Move and Click and Drag"
Because of Drag to pointx, pointy, the focus is lost so the action of scroll was weird.
I fixed it, repeating scroll down worked.
I really appreciate your kind effort :blush: