Replace string in paths to execute script file / execute text script

Hi forum,

I'm using applescripts within a tons of macros:
a) 1 action of the macro links to the script file (= execute script file), action deactivated
b) 1 action contains the script text itself (= execute text script), action activated

Now turning to a new Mac I'm changing the location where my script files are stored.

Concerning a)
/folderLocation/AppleScripts/Finder Windows/my script.scpt
changes to
/Users/Shared/AppleScripts/Finder Windows/my script.scpt

Concerning b)
Inside the script text there are sometimes properties using the same or similar strings like folderLocation which have to be replaced by another string.

Does anybody know a script or macro to replace those strings in all macros?

Thanks in advance for hints.