Replicating the FN key as modifier on BetterTouchTool

I was a bit surprised to see the KM does not support FN as a modifier key when it's a feature supported by BetterTouchTool (along with left/right differentiated modifiers).

Is there a KM method for replicating this feature somehow?
It's quite useful to essentially have a second set of modifier keys.

You could use device key triggers rather than hotkey triggers, but I wouldn't recommend it. Better option would be to use BetterTouchTool to trigger a KM macro. Oh. This would work for left/right, but not fn iirc.

The Fn key is not a modifier, it is more like a hardware keyboard toggle, that toggles the meanings of the specific keys on the keyboard (especially laptops) between two different key values (typically between function keys and hardware keys).

It is not available as an option in the system hot key API, nor is differentiation between left and right modifiers, so Keyboard Maestro does not support it for that sort of purpose. I don't know what BetterTouchTool is doing to get support for it, since since it is not supported by the system API, I am unlikely to implement support for it.

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