Replicating Typinator's Date Increments

I'm attempting to remove Typinator and switch to KM for all my text expansion needs, however there is one very neat functionality that I haven't yet been able to replicate and am curious to know if this is possible.

By default, Typinator comes with an expansion set that allows for simple date increments (+/- 1 day or 1 week). What triggers this expansion is yyyy-mm-dd+. I've managed to replicate this in KM with ease, but what sets Typinator's usage apart is that I can keep incrementing. So, by simply typing a date and appending + or - i increments/decrements the date. I after it has expanded the new date, I add type + again, it increments again ad nausea...

This is what I can't replicate in KM.

I currently have this setup:

and it works great, however, if I then type another + after the text has been typed out, nothing happens. Same if I use a snippet to add the date and then add a +

Edit: Thought it may be a little easier to show what I'm attempting to replicate:

I’d be tempted to just do yyyy-mm-dd+N{d|w}. So 2017-05-03+3d (for plus three days).

But you could do something like:

Remember the date in a variable
Enable a macro with hot key +
Pause for a few seconds
Disable macro with hot key +

Then have the other macro deal with adding another day and deleting and retyping the day.

Thanks for the feedback Peter. I’ve been reading a few more posts and it seems as though I can’t trigger an expansion after an expansion. This won’t let me type something like dt.. followed by +|- or even +|-N{d|w} but I can live with that I guess.

Correct. You could have a macro that did something like

Repeat 10 times, Shift Left
Adjust date

Yeah, that could be one way of doing it. I’ll experiment a little more now that I know it’s not possible of doing it the other way.


You can also have your date macros store the resulting date, and then have macros that work simply on that stored date (so calculate the new dates, and then simulate 10 deletes and type out the new one).