Request for Plugin Enhancements

I really appreciate KM’s plugin abilities. Thank you, Peter, for providing them.

I’d love to see these enhancements to support for Plugins. I’ve listed them in order of importance, at least to me:

  • Support “Failure Aborts Macro” and “Notify on Failure”. I have a couple of ideas about implementation (either one or the other, probably not both of these):
    • Plist option that indicates if any non-blank result is returned, consider it a Failure message.
    • Plist option that specifies a RegEx expression that would be applied to the result text, to indicate the result is a Failure message. A common regex that I would use would be "^Error: "
  • Parameter validation options in Plist. Validation should be done at runtime:
    • “Is Required”.
    • RegEx validation.
  • Drag-and-drop install of zip files for updates.
    • It should completely replace the folder (and subfolders) and all its content.
    • If you’re worried, you could add a warning.
    • You could also add a Plist option that indicates drag-and-drop updates are supported, perhaps even including whether just existing files should be replaced, or the entire folder.
  • Support for all the other editors KM currently has. For example:
    • File Selection.
    • “Calculation” fields should have the same editor as standard calculation fields - the one that starts off small, and expands if non-numbers are entered.
    • Any others you can think of.
  • Support for Help Text for each parameter. If present, provide the help text either with a “?” icon somewhere, or if that’s too much work, then display the help text when the mouse hovers over the editor.
  • Support for Help for the entire plugin. My thinking is that a URL could be provided in the Plist.




One trivial thing: macros trigger a notification that they’ve installed correctly. I don’t think importing a plugin triggers a similar notification.

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I agree.

And since we’re talking enhancement requests, it sure would be nice to have KM handle installing updated plugins, instead of having the user have to manually remove the existing one first…


@peternlewis, did any of the requests by @DanThomas ever get implemented in kM?

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I believe they are all still on the todo list.