Request: Provide a Menu Item for "Insert Function by Name"

We have a “Insert Action by Name”, but, AFAIK, do NOT have the same for KM Functions.

If I missed this, please point me to it.

Otherwise, @peternlewis, please add this feature. Please include a Shortcut key for it as well.


Type Completion works in calculation fields, so for example: CHR[F5] will show you the CHROME functions.

Escape used to work for this too, but seems to have stopped somewhere along the way (it’s a system facility).

That change was made in Sierra.

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Unfortunately it seems to be case sensitive:

####Using lower case

####Using UPPER case

Not urgent, but could you please make the function auto-complete be case insensitive, when you have a chance? Thanks.

Functions are case sensitive.

OK, so having a “Insert Function by Name” that is NOT case sensitive would be that much more helpful.