Request: ToolTips for Palette Buttons

@peternlewis I requested this once a long time ago, but I thought I'd throw it back in there, because I can't imagine it's particularly difficult to implement.

If I've got a palette that doesn't show titles, it would be nice if when you hovered your mouse over the icon, it would display the macro name as a tool tip. And display it like you would if the titles were showing - in other words, remove the leading 01) or whatever, if present.


Tooltips for palettes that have titles (a description tooltip) could be fun too. Although feature creep is a real concern

Last time I looked at this, Tooltips did not behave well, the system tended to be overly keen on caching them, resulting in the wrong things being displayed in such dynamic palettes.

I'll take a look again.

Again, thanks for the explanation. I've seen tooltips do funny things before, so that wouldn't surprise me. If it can't be done simply, then don't bother, because people seem to be just fine with the way it is now.

I'll have to look for some other nit to pick. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, I actually added this feature long ago, but unfortunately the system does not show them when the app is in the background (which Keyboard Maestro almost always is), unless you separately tell it to, which I have done for the next version.

So unless it proves to be overly annoying, this is done for the next version.


Hey Peter,

I like the option to show tooltips only when the Option key is down (or other key chord).


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Tooltips are handled by the system, so that isn't an option (pardon the pun!).

You still have to provide the actual tooltip text, right? So if I don't want tooltips, don't provide the text (or clear it out). If there's no tooltip text, then there's no tooltip to display. Right?


Make an expert preference, and allow users to turn them off.


I see Tooltips have been added to v10 but I don't see how to add them. Can someone help?
I am looking in the "Global Macro Palette Style" theme editor.

"• Added Tooltips for Palettes."

I only see the tooltips on palettes that only show icons. It probably didn't make sense to include them when the text is visible.


The tooltips are the names of the macros, with the leading numbering suffix removed, if any.



Thanks Dan. I see them now. I just wasn't being patient enough to let them appear.

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