Resave list of files?

I suspect this would be more efficient in AppleScript, but I’m not profecient enough to figure it out.

I have numerous OldFormatFiles filed in folders on my HD. I’ve compiled a text file containing the file path of each one. (The list is return delimited.)

I have a NewApp that will open OldFormatFIles and save them as NewAppFIles.

I’d like to build a macro that will read through the text file of paths, open each OldFormatFile with NewApp, and save it in the original location as a NewAppFile, and then go to the next path on the list. (The NewAppFile won’t overwrite the OldFormatFile because of the new extension.)

Suggestions, please?

Many thanks.

This macro should get you started:
MACRO: [FILE] Process Lines in Text File

You will just need to add the specific KM Actions that you need.

For more examples, see Topics tagged with “files_folders”

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.