Responding to Calendar "Copy recurring event" dialog

Hi there,
I'm trying to set up a macro to copy the contents of a calendar event so that I can manipulate them (in this case I want to find a link to Zoom video conferencing and open them in that application).

I've got this working fine for one off events. However for recurring events I'm shown the following dialog when trying to copy the event:

I can't work out how I can manipulate this dialog - in my case to select the "Copy this event" option. I've tried the following ... but the first action is timing out before it gets to the if condition ...

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can manipulate the dialog shown when copying events please?

Many thanks,

I am working on an AppleScript solution, but (excuse my language), the Apple Calendar app is a POS. It does NOT even provide the most basic scripting command of "selection". So I am having to develop a workaround.

It may take a day or two.

BTW, if you are not locked into Apple Calendar, I highly recommend MS Outlook. It is a much, much better app (calendar is just one of its sub-apps) for calendar, and is highly scriptable.

Thank you @JMichaelTX - the AppleScript solution sounds great ... I'll also see if I'm able to use Outlook - however I'm not sure it'll work with my companies odd mail server ...