Restart if cancelled?

I’m running a Mouse Click Image script in a browser and it starts with:

*arrow down
*arrow down
*Image click

But if there’s no image i get the “Move or click mouse no unique image found. MACRO1 cancelled…”*

Then it just dies, how do i get it to restart or send arrow down do be able to find the image further down?

tried IF then Else “if macro1 is disabled or inactive” , didn’t work :frowning:

Hey Lars,

See the gear menu of the click on found image action.

Toggle the following options off:

Failure Aborts Macro
Notify on Failure

Then save the %ActionResult% token to a variable, so you can test for failure.


Hi Chris!
Thanks for answering that solved a whole lot!

My question is now (If I may):

Is there a way to get the macro to restart if failure?
Not continuing, so it will restart until success?

Kind of:
IF failure -> restart
IF success -> continue

NVM. solved it with “IF else” :smiley: thanks again!

Rather than restart on failure, what you probably want is something like: