Restore KM from Time Machine

I need to restore KM from Time Machine. I am running Mac OS Ventura 13.4.1.

I can find the KM file in my Library on the Mac but I am not able to find it in the Time Machine backup. Is there something I need to do special to find it so that I can restore it?

Thanks Roger

How about trying this?

The problem I am having is I can not find the KM file in my TM backup disk. I can find it on the mac hd using the go withe the option key.

I also forgot about the revert so I have used that for now. But would still like to know how to find and restore from TM


I think if your User Library is hidden on your Mac (i.e. you have to use the Option key to reveal it in the Finder menu) then it is also hidden on the Time Machine backup.

But you can still navigate using the path.

How can I unhide the Library folder in a … - Apple Community.