Return keystroke not working (v10.2)

I just created this macro to do a Return, Paste, move the cursor Left one character, then Triple Click, but the Return Keystroke action is not working, the other steps do. I can't figure out what I've done wrong that a simple Keystroke Return does not work.

muisc paste select.kmmacros (4.0 KB)

What’s the application?

Some applications sense the hardware directly, so it may be that it is seeing the Return, but basing its decision on the Command key that you are holding down.

If so, add a Pause Until action with a Modifiers condition and pause until no modifiers are pressed and see if that resolves it,

The application is Canvas Draw X Mac. I'm not sure I understand, is it the Command 4 trigger you're talking about? And where do I add a Pause Until, and what is the until? I'm not a highly experienced Maestro user, so please be elementary with me.

I added a Pause Until, tried a few settings, but the Return is still not working. I also see that the Triple Click step needs a choice for current cursor location, I want the Triple Click to happen based on the cursor, not the mouse.



...or even adding a "Pause for 0.2 seconds" -- or more. You're trying to wait until Draw stops registering the ⌘ keypress used to trigger the macro.

You can't, unless Draw has some way of reporting the coordinate position of the insertion point back to KM -- that's very, very, unusual, even in apps with good scripting support (ie I can't think of anything that does this!).

Does Draw have a command that will do whatever your triple-click does? Or can you combine 2 or more of the "standard" shortcuts, like ⌃A then ⌥⇧↓ to select the paragraph the insertion point is in?

This is a different topic, so you should post it on a different topic.

This is not possible, macOS does not offer any API to determine where the current text insertion point is on the screen.

With all the barriers I ran into, I chucked the script and did the steps manually, so job done. But thanks very much for the feedback.