Return token becomes "¿"

I have a simple macro for adding new terms at the end of a Japanese/French glossary (txt file). The problem is that a red "¿" is inserted instead of the return token at the end of the line (I can see the red "¿" when I open the file in TextWrangler). I tried with both %Return% and %LineFeed%, but I always get red "¿" like below. I also tried with a real hard return, instead of the token... same result.

To add the terms I use Append Text to File, in plain text, with utf8.

Any idea what can be causing this? Or better... how to fix it?

Maybe try using
instead of

Unfortunately, I get the same result with \n. :frowning:

This looks like a character encoding problem.

You can see the encoding at the bottom bar of BBEdit/TextWrangler:

In your KM action you have selected UTF-8. So, before inserting the character with KM check if all text is displayed correctly in TextWrangler while the encoding is set to UTF-8.

(Thank you Tom, but the encoding is OK (UTF-8) in TextWrangler.)

I don’t understand the reason, but I opened and saved the file with TextEdit instead of TextWrangler, and now the problem is solved! So there is probably someghing wrong with my TextWrangler settings. But it’s fine, since the macro works now. :slight_smile: