Reuse same keyboard shortcuts within palletes and global shortcut

All apps i use is via a common keyboard shortcut to bring up a Palette.
I use Palletes a lot to help me remember shortcuts within the app.

However as i become familiar with them, i'd prefer to execute them directly without being in the Pallete. What's the most efficient way to do this?
I'd also like the use the SAME shortcut as within the Pallette as the global key.

my partial solution: i've had to move the macro (A) to a global macro group, then delete the macro in the Pallete - create a new macro (B) with single action to execute macro A.
Using the Pallete, i must reassign the shortcut key within there or else the 'duplicate pressed shortcut pallete will appear...' (ie. i bring up the Pallete via keyshortcut, then press the keyshortcut) however triggers a duplicate shortcut pressed

No too sure if this is the right way to do this?

If I understand your use case correctly, all you need to do is select the "Always activated and shows a palette" option in the Macro Group for your app.

For example, here's my Macro Group for Evernote:


You have several choices for "Always activated and . . ."


Any of these allow you to show a palette, AND trigger any of the macros on the palette (actually in the entire MG) by hotkey or other individual trigger.

thanks JMTX
playing around with this, it exposes all of the macros there. ie. in my example below, when trying to type 'f' - the macro runs, the only way i can get around this would be assign a unique keystroke. BUT, having too many different shortcuts will lead to more confusion hence simplicity of the macros as 'reminders'

Is there anything - how to make specific macros in pallete globally available however not the others?

See picture. The ones in green are the specific keystrokes in the app.
However the ones in red, are just keystroke shortcuts - are when i pull up the pallete and control via single click.

The macro availablility is controlled by the Macro Group.
See Macro Activation .

Put the macros you want to limit to an app in their own Macro Group, with the MG availability set to that app.

For macros that you want to trigger from a Palette using only a single key without a modifier, you will need to put those in a separate MG and set the MG to only show a palette.


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