Reveal Parent Group Disabled Across All Macros?

Tagging @peternlewis because this has me stumped...

For some reason the menu item to Reveal Parent Group has been disabled (grayed out) for a week or better now, with no readily apparent reason why. I have verified that it's disabled across many macros, and I can no longer use it to jump to a "subroutine's" parent group like I could before. See attached screenshots for an example.

Selecting any of these Execute macro actions used to allow me to jump to that macro in it's parent group by selecting the menu item, using the keyboard shortcut, or the button on my Stream Deck.

Several Execute Macro Actions (click to expand/collapse)

Now as you can see the menu item is disabled and grayed out, preventing me from doing so.

Disabled Reveal Parent Group Menu Item (click to expand/collapse)

Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 08.44.06

It's like this on my 2019 iMac and 2020 MacBook Air.
Both running macOS 12.4 and Keyboard Maestro 10.1.

Any ideas what might be going on? Thank you in advance!


Reveal Parent Group applies to macros and reveals/selects the Macro Group that contains the macro. It is only enabled if a Smart Group or more than one Macro Group is enabled.

To get to the called Macro or Subroutine, you can select Select Macro from the macro selector popup:

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Yep! I realized that at some point this evening and realized that in my idiocy I was using the wrong shortcut since I apparently made changes to the ones I use for my Reveal Parent Group and Jump To Subroutine macros. It’s official: I’m a doofus :man_facepalming:t3:

Thanks Peter!

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